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Cobalt Machine

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Cobalt Machine

  • Cancer is a major health problem in India. There are about 25 lakh cancer patients in the country. Every year, about eight lakh new cases are detected and more than five lakh patients died, due to this dreaded disease. Moreover, the cancer incidence in the country is expected to double in next 15 years. Established methods of cancer treatment are radiotherapy, surgery and chemotherapy. A majority of the patients need radiotherapy during the course of treatment. Being the most cost-effective, teletherapy using cobalt-60 is the most relevant method of cancer treatment in a developing country like India.
  • Cobalt therapy or cobalt-60 therapy is the medical use of gamma rays from Cobalt-60 radioisotopes to treat conditions such as Cancer. The first patient to be treated with Cobalt-60 radiation was treated on October 27, 1951, at Victoria Hospital in London, Ontario. In 1961 cobalt therapy was expected to replace X-ray radiotherapy. The role of the cobalt unit has partly been replaced by the Linear accelerator, which can generate higher energy radiation. Cobalt treatment still has a useful role to play in certain applications and is still in widespread use worldwide, since the machinery is relatively reliable and simple to maintain compared to the modern linear accelerator.
  • The very first Telecobalt machine (Gammarex-R) was inaugurated by Former Governor of Gujarat, Smt. Shardaben Mukhrajee on 14th June, 1980 at Lions Cancer Detection Centre Trust, Surat. The 2nd Telecobalt Machine Theratron 780 C was brought from AECL, Canada & installed at Centre in 1987 & after that in 1998 the 3rd machine Telecobalt-Phoenix was also installed at Centre.
  • On daily basis we treat about 150-180 Cancer patients on these units without any charges (Free of Cost), without any comparison of Caste & Creed, Rich or Poor since last 36 years with the help of Grant in Aid from Government of Gujarat as well as the Donation money from our humble Donors.